Easy Ways To Protect Your Home When You Are On Holiday


Burglary is a crime that New Zealand residents are most likely to be affected by. With about 55,000 burglary cases reported annually, it is the most common crime in the country. The reality of the NZ burglary and home invasion problem could actually be worse than this statistic, given that uninsured victims typically don’t report this crime.

According to a 2006 Treasury report, the real number of burglaries and home invasions is 2.2 times more than the reported figure. This translates to about 120,000 burglaries a year, which is a mind-boggling figure. As a home owner in New Zealand, you could easily fall victim to a home invasion or burglary this summer holiday season so here are some proactive tips you can take to ensure that your home doesn’t become part of these grim statistics.

Top Tips For Protecting Your Home When You Are On Holiday

A home security system: One of the best ways to protect your home is by installing a home security system that sounds an alarm when there’s an intruder and also contacts the police or your private security firm. In addition, modern home security alarm systems allow you to know what’s happening at your house at any time. With an internet connected PC, tablet or smartphone, you can check in anytime and monitor your home remotely wherever you go.

CCTV surveillance systems: CCTV systems can give you enhanced comfort, convenience and ultimately peace of mind while on holiday. CCTV surveillance cameras will not only scare burglars off, but also help monitor entrances and exits and keep an eye on your property when you are on holiday. With remote access security surveillance cameras, you can access your home security system and CCTV surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world via your laptop computer, tablet or smartphone.

So, if you’re away on holiday at the seaside or in the mountains and your home security alarm system is activated, you can quickly log into the cameras’ IP address via the internet-connected device to virtually survey your property through the cameras. Of course, your security monitoring provider will still swiftly respond to any alarm activations on your home in your absence.

Intrusion alarm systems: Installing a burglar alarm system can provide a valuable deterrent to prevent burglars from breaking into your home. With a comprehensive alarm system set up in your home, you’ll be able to immediately identify the exact rooms or outdoor areas of your property that intruders have breached and notify the police right away.

Motion sensor lights: Outfitting your home with motion sensor lights will enable you to protect your home while you are out on holiday. These sensor lights turn on when they detect motion – like when someone enters the room. They will activate as soon as someone enters under the cover of darkness to scare off burglars, opportunistic animals and other home invaders.

Driveway security gate: Driveway security gates installations deter people from entering your home without your permission or turning around in your driveway. A well designed driveway gate will enhance the safety and security of your home, provide protection from intruders, keep away unwanted guests and boost your home’s curb appeal.

Helpful neighbours: Burglars often target empty houses. To deter would-be burglars, ask your neighbours to help make your home look lived in when you are away on holiday. They can do this by parking their vehicle in your driveway, getting your mail and newspapers and checking for any deliveries. Any sign of activity at your property will definitely deter most burglars.

Protection warning signs: Putting up signs on your fence, doors or windows let would-be burglars know you’re well protected and makes your home less of a target.

Home automation to project the appearance that someone is home: Setting up a home automation system to project the appearance that someone is home can be a great way to protect your home when you are away. So, consider installing motion-sensor lights and timers on your TV and radio to simulate occupancy and create the illusion that you are home to deter burglars.

Secured doors and windows: Burglars get access to your home through windows or doors. Make sure that all possible entry points are secure and locked while you are out or sleeping.

Protect Your Home When You Are On Holiday With ARC’s Home Automation And Security Alarm Systems in Hamilton

ARC is one of the most respected security and technology companies in New Zealand. The company offers a wide range of home security systems and services include designing, installing and also maintaining security alarm systems. This Hamilton store also provides audio visual/home theatre systems, 24-hour alarm monitoring, access control, home automation, CCTV systems, digital door locks, driveway gates installations and much more.

If you are going on holiday, you should consider taking advantage of their high-tech electrical systems to protect your home and belongings from thieves. For the best range of security and CCTV systems in Hamilton and throughout the Waikato, visit their website at www.arc.net.nz.


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